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Walgreens and TMNT


Walgreensturtles A lovely little mix of crap that nobody would ever need but most sane people lunatics would want. I don’t go to Walgreen’s for anything except these 99 cent Arizona teas which are sometimes on sale for 50 cents each. This kind in particular if you must know.

IMG_20130924_213944_199 - CopyHowever, every once in a while they have toys or other random things that didn’t sell to expectations or the shelves need to be cleared to…

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This Week on the League: Cryptozoology!!


cryptozoologyI have been absent for a few weeks, I was trying to jump on the last two weeks topics, but unfortunately time got the better of me. I saw the topic and I knew I had to force myself to get it done because this is another one of my favorite things.


If you don’t know about Cryptozoology (Loosely translated: Crazy People Looking For Monsters) it is the study of animals that exist outside…

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