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This Week on the League: The Apocalypse (dun, dun, dunnnnnnnhhh)

This Week on the League: The Apocalypse. A long ass post.


Whether it’s in movies, video games, books, or TV I love apocalyptic stories. This topic has been very dear to me for sometime, it all started with a little film called:


wizards_poster_01For anyone that doesn’t know it, learn it! I instantly took to this film the very first time I rented it from Video Junction 2(see last weeks league post). Whether it was the simple cover or the incredibly awesome…

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The League!!!! Summertime Guarantees

The League!!!! Summertime Guarantees



Summertime used to be when everything was a bit slower and felt like it stretched out forever. Living out in the country there was plenty of time and no reason to hurry. It was visits to the grandparents and short vacations, daytime movie trips, the alluring fragrance of a freshly watched VHS tapes, character cereal-with no need to wolf it all down(no bus-no rush), pool days, and not to…

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This is my first time hearing of this colossal Pop Culture & Americana auction. I must say I am…



This is my first time hearing of this colossal Pop Culture & Americana auction. I must say I am extremely excited about all the items up for bid.

I have picked out a few of my favorites.

When I was younger, I used to go to a lot of Toy Fairs with my dad, and I’ve picked up old star wars figures, various cars and other random stuff. I also used to go to auctions and little sales that we could…

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The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip

The League!!! Pop Culture Road Trip


pop-culture-road-tripThis week the topic was where the nerd inside of you wants to go. This week it took me a bit of thinking to figure out where in the world I would go.

I went through places that sell stuff,

FAO_Schwarz_by_NightThe infamous FAO Schwarz. This store has been built up to me by movies for years. I did a little search on their website; I was expecting to find 30 ft tall Ninja Turtles, actual X-Wing fighters, and that spray…

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The League!!! Look What I Made!

The League!!! Look What I Made!


Another week and another League post.

What I made was: IMG_20140615_141702_785Pizza.

I know what you’re thinking: “Hey this is a joke, hes not proud of cooking a frozen pizza?”

Yes he is dammit!

I have my reasons, and I will tell you them. In the style of a children’s story.


My name is Hank.

I live in a crappy apartment.

That crappy apartment, has a crappy stove.

The crappy stove has a crappy oven.

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The League!! Shelf Expression

The League!! Shelf Expression

shelf-expressionI must confess it has been a considerable amount of time since I have caught up with the league. Unfortunately, I have been absent from the game for period and am squeezing my way into the fray once again.

This edition from the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, is about showing who you are by showing off some of your shelves.

We will be exploring pretty much any flat surface that can hold…

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Missed Chances (The Forgotten)

Missed Chances (The Forgotten Fallen)


The things in life that turn out exactly how you want them to are fantastic. They can send a wave of relief washing over you and serve to lure you back a few paces from the edge.  For every triumphant soldier/post there are many fallen ones that couldn’t quite stand on their own.

However, if some of these wounded warriors band together they can also be triumphant.

Just beyond these words lie…some

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